Northern Lights Ranch offers unique form of accommodation in 6 separate Sky View Cabins which feature huge glass windows and glass roofs making them ideal for viewing the exquisite surrounding nature and the Northern sky. Northern Lights Ranch offers also cozy accommodation in a large chalet. 

Sky View Cabins

The Sky View Cabin is best described as a very individual log cabin for two persons with huge heated windows and a glass ceiling, offering perfect views of the Northern sky.

On evenings with clear skies the view from inside the Sky View Cabins becomes simply breathtaking. The millions of stars are lit in the sky and very often the Northern Lights appear in the sky as well. To be able to experience this from the comfort of your own motorized bed in the Sky View Cabins is something that we regard as luxury here in Lapland, nearly 200 km above the Arctic Circle.

Northern Lights Ranch features three different types of Sky View Cabins: Standard, Superior and Deluxe. All of the Sky View Cabins are designed with careful thought in Scandinavian style to best fit to the extraordinary environment. They all have a fridge / mini bar, a coffee capsule machine and a kettle. All of the Sky View Cabins are also equipped with free WiFi and the Superior and Deluxe models have a TV in the alcove.

The Sky View Cabin Standard is a little smaller in size than the other two models. The Sky View Cabin Superior and Deluxe models additional space includes a separate entrance lobby and an alcove with a sofa-bed, which can be used as an extra bed for one adult or two children (3-12 yrs.).

The Sky View Cabin Deluxe has the equivalent floor plan as the Superior, but it also features its own outdoor hot tub designed especially for Northern Lights Ranch. Enjoying the silence and the surrounding winter landscape from the hot tub is guaranteed to be something to remember for a lifetime.


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