Northern Lights Ranch is situated at an optimal location for experiencing the Northern Lights. The area is easily accessible from the services of Levi Ski Resort (15 km) and Kittilä airport (30 km), yet based on satellite measurements it´s nearly completely unaffected by light pollution. 

The map above is a yearly composite of DMSP-OLS nighttime lighting data, which clearly shows the location of Northern Lights Ranch well beyond the effects of the most important sources of artificial light pollution - Levi Ski Resort, Kittilä airport and the nearby residential areas. In case You are interested in light pollution - further information can be found HERE. After opening the link please make the selection "DSMP 2010" from the top right hand corner to be able to view the correct data, as other datasets shown on the maps unfortunately don´t cover the high latitudes of Finnish Lapland.

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