Our restaurant at the Northern Lights Ranch is a place where culinary excellence meets the natural wonders of Lapland. Our carefully created menu showcases a delightful blend of Nordic flavors with a touch of international flair. To make your dining experience even more enchanting, we offer the chance to dine adjacent to our illuminated reindeer enclosure, where the beauty of the North comes alive under the Northern Lights.


Culinaristic highlights

The restaurant at Northern Lights Ranch offers a variety of tasty Nordic delicacies with an international twist. The menu has been carefully planned by our head chef to ensure that the quality of the food meets with the high standards of the venue.

The use of local ingredients is highlighted in the menu. Arctic berries, mushrooms and herbs are all personally harvested by our head chef during the summertime. Our aim is always to create unique dining experiences which are hopefully remembered for a long time.

The restaurant consists of two separate dining rooms: one rustic with traditional Lappish interior design style and a high ceiling, and one more modern multifunction room ideal for group dinners and private parties. The dining rooms are connected by our bar area, and both have a big fireplace creating a warm atmosphere with soothing music being played in the background.

In wintertime, the special feature of both dining rooms is also the illuminated reindeer enclosure, which is located just outside of the dining rooms. There guests can observe our reindeer while dining and are also welcome to feed the reindeer by themselves. Adjacent to the reception we also have a smaller restaurant space which serves as a lobby bar. There guests can enjoy drinks and light snacks as well as find books and magazines to read or to play some board games.

Great venue for private events


Northern Lights Ranch is designed to serve as an ideal location for various events such as weddings, private parties and corporate meetings. The new dining room extension is designed to operate as a multifunction room, which serves as an exquisite venue for unforgettable events in the Arctic surroundings.

The space works extremely well also as a meeting room equipped with all relevant AV appliances and offering excellent acoustics. It is suitable for meetings, weddings, private parties and basically any kind of private events for up to 60 persons.

The dining rooms and accommodation facilities can be booked individually or together. The restaurant has the total capacity to arrange events up to 150 persons at once.